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The nicenstripy Call Centre will professionally answer all your initial telephone enquiries. The Call Centre is manned 24/7 and full potential customer details are taken by the trained call handlers. These details are sent to your niceneasy Office within 30 seconds of being taken, to enable you to respond when you have the time to do so, as usually you will already be on a job earning money.

Furthermore, the nicenstripy Website generates a huge number of enquiries each week and those enquiries are also sent to your niceneasy Office account automatically within seconds. You will also receive enquiries from other multimedia sources all treated in the same way.

Your niceneasy Office account can be interrogated at any time of the day (or night) using your mobile phone, iPad or computer. You can respond to an enquiry within seconds of the call being made or at the end of your working day. As no other nicenstripy franchisee can respond to that enquiry, because they are not allowed within your area, there is no urgency, but we do encourage you to respond as soon as possible.

You telephone the enquirer back and make an appointment to visit them. Which you record on your niceneasy Office. You are able to do so because your niceneasy Office will advise you what your schedules are for the next couple of weeks and you can plan your visit accordingly.

When you visit the enquiry, on time, at your scheduled appointment, you then price the work requested, offer any advice needed and provide the potential customer with a start date on the quotation form in your niceneasy Office, which can be sent by email immediately or printed for your potential customer, thus avoiding any ‘door to door selling’ liabilities.

Because the majority of enquiries are for regular work, due to the nicenstripy high reputation for reliability, you can also schedule the work for when next in the area, as your system will tell you. Essentially, you price a job and tell the potential customer when you will commence the regular job. All you have to agree is if it is weekly or fortnightly . . . it really is that simple!

You will be taught how to plan your area on your Franchisee Induction Course. As franchised territories are quite large (a minimum of 100,000 houses) it is important that you work your territory in a systematic manner to minimise your daily mileage and to allow more time for working. An average daily mileage of just 10 miles from start of first job of the day to last job of the day is very achievable.

It is very rare that you will be able to carry out the work on the same day due to your scheduled work for the day and the very high majority of customers do not expect it. All they do want from you is the knowledge of when you can start and how much it will cost!

Once you have converted your enquiry into a regular customer all you have to do is complete the work. The nicenstripy franchise methods training you receive within the Induction Course will enable you to carry out the work and utilising the best equipment on the market will ensure you complete the work faster than anybody else will be able to achieve.

The nicenstripy franchisees were busy last year. Did you know?

Last year nicenstripy...

- walked 530 miles each day cutting grass

- laid 66,000 square metres of turf

- cut 294 miles of hedge

- erected 85 miles of fencing and painted even more

- cleared 28 miles of geuttering

- cleaned 39,600 square metres of patio

- recycled 6,500 tons of green waste

- helped over 500,000 satisfied cutsomers

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