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The nicenstripy Business Format Franchise saw an increase in enquiries in the following months leading up to June when we exceeded all previous records of the number of enquiries we received in one month.

If you feel that you can obtain business from people that have a need for our service then work is ALMOST guaranteed. Unlike some of our competitors nicenstripy do not provide a guarantee of work. Not because we do not trust our methods but because it will be YOU who obtains the work. It will be YOU who carries out the work. And most importantly, it will be YOU who receives the income from the work you carry out!

Such is the number of enquiries nicenstripy receives each year the majority of existing franchisees have a list of people who would like nicenstripy to work for them. Even franchisees in their first year find it difficult to fulfil every enquiry’s needs due to lack of time. Indeed, the number of enquiries you receive each year will be more than most franchisees can actually physically accommodate in a year!

The most important issue for nicenstripy is that our franchisees enjoy the work – lifestyle balance they looked for when joining nicenstripy. Some of our franchisees take 10 – 12 weeks holiday each year, others enjoy a cup of tea with some of their customers, others wish to spend more time with their family, whilst others strive to be the largest gardening company in their area. Whatever the choice, nicenstripy aim to assist you in achieving your goals.

To ensure your success, however, nicenstripy do not make a charge of any Management Services Fees for the first 3 months. That means you have no outgoings to nicenstripy whilst you are building your business to a level that you are comfortable with, which the high majority achieve within the first 3 months!

You will also be mentored for the first 3 months after your business is launched in your nicenstripy Exclusive Franchise Territory. Each day you will receive advice and assistance, no matter what you need nicenstripy personnel will be available to assist you in becoming successful. There will be nothing that you experience during your time with nicenstripy that somebody in the business has not already experienced!

Each week/month, depending on your requirements, you will have a face to face meeting with your mentor to talk about how to make improvements, how to overcome situations and how to maximise your profitability. Most of the time just reminding you what you have already been taught whilst attending the nicenstripy Franchisee Induction Course.

The ongoing fees do not commence for the first 3 months. You also have a personal mentor for the first 3 months who will be in contact daily either by telephone or personal support visits to maximise your success. Risk . . . what risk?

The nicenstripy franchisees were busy last year. Did you know?

Last year nicenstripy...

- walked 530 miles each day cutting grass

- laid 66,000 square metres of turf

- cut 294 miles of hedge

- erected 85 miles of fencing and painted even more

- cleared 28 miles of geuttering

- cleaned 39,600 square metres of patio

- recycled 6,500 tons of green waste

- helped over 500,000 satisfied cutsomers

Simply call us today on 0800 014 2420 to find out how you can become a 'nicenstripy' franchisee!

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Our franchisees have a higher turnover that the majority of our gardening franchise competitors.

You are in business for yourself. The harder you work the more business you will be able to obtain and carry out. All nicenstripy ask is, in the first year, you do work as hard as you can, not for our benefit but for YOURS.

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Last year we generated over 500 leads for our franchises We are constantly looking for the right individuals who are considering a career with us. Get in contact with our team to find out a little more about our opportunities!


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