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To become a franchisee you
need no skills whatsoever!

You need to have the motivation to suceed
and a friendly personality, but no
previous experience is necessary.

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What skills
do I need?

Ideally, you will be reasonably fit, but even that is not a prerequisite as you will soon become fitter than you ever imagined working in the nicenstripy business Franchise system.

The initial training course called the Induction Course provides you with all the knowledge you will require to not only confidently obtain business but also carry out the works to a standard that is one of the highest in the industry.

The bespoke computerised niceneasy Office system was developed for individuals with no computer knowledge and was originally tested by those individuals to analyse how long it took to gain the practical knowledge. Four hour training and those individuals were competent to use the system to their benefit. The reason is, is that once past the initial input, the whole system is automatic. Even some of the initial input is automatically generated!

Everybody can cut grass . . . can’t they! Well the answer is no, not initially anyway. Grass cutting is a real skill that you will be taught by the Training team at nicenstripy Central Office. Apart from one of the most important elements of Health & Safety aspects of starting a machine, including the check list of things to cover before even considering starting a piece of equipment, nicenstripy personnel will educate you in all aspects of cutting grass.

Sounds simple because the whole world cuts grass and it can be, but nicenstripy aim to improve the quality of every customers lawn, not just provide a reliable service. You will learn not only how to improve the quality of somebody’s lawn by cutting it correctly, but also how to do so faster than anybody else in the industry.

You will learn why nicenstripy invest so much time in testing new equipment before recommending new equipment to the nicenstripy franchise network. Franchisees boast that they use the best equipment on the market and it’s true! The equipment our Franchise owners use on a day to day basis is the best on the market today. Tests are continuously being carried and nicenstripy are often asked by manufacturers to provide feedback to enable modifications, when required, before being launched onto the UK market.

Not sure you can sell the service then worry not. At nicenstripy, we do not believe you need to ‘sell’ your service. The niceneasy Office system does most of it for you! You will be taught how to price works and how to relay the price to the customers but with over 85% of enquiries becoming regular customers, without the need to sell, you can see selling pays hardly any importance to our business.

Any skills you do have will undoubtedly be useful in a nicenstripy franchised business, but none are required as you will learn everything you need initially.

We provide an exclusive area of 100,000 houses, as part of your franchise.

Exclusive Franchised Area – Minimum 100,000 houses

No Ongoing Fees Payable for First 3 Months

Intensive Initial 4 weeks training period

Personal Mentor with daily contact and physical support first 90 days and more

Centralised Purchasing with all the discounts passed directly to you

Professional Ongoing Training

Professional Qualifications

Automated Price Calculator ensures easier pricing work - profitably!

Great Brand Name

Simply call us today on 0800 014 2420 to find out how you can become a 'nicenstripy' franchisee!

Current opportunities at nicenstripy gardening franchise

If running a business is a concern, then don’t worry.

All aspects of running the nicenstripy business is covered in depth during your Induction Training Course. Qualified Accountants advise and inform you of the financial implications of running your new business and our IT Managers will ensure your computerised systems are correctly set up and more importantly you know how to use them!

The Induction Course is very flexible and if you or your nicenstripy training team feel that you require further training on any aspect of running your nicenstripy business you will be given additional time to comprehend that particular aspect of the business.

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