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nicenstripy gardening franchise

What are my
potential earnings?

The really great point of running your own business is that you can earn as much as you need to!

Want to put an extension on your house or even move to a new house . . . you may need to work a little harder for a year or two, but either is achievable. In a nicenstripy business the ongoing Management Services Fees are fixed (one of the lowest in the UK) so it doesn’t matter if you turnover £10,000 or £500,000 you only pay the same fixed monthly fee.

Whilst we assist and help every franchisee become successful, each of us have different views of what being successful is. Most nicenstripy franchisees have a work/life balance and earn as much as they need to, whilst still enjoying that important work/life balance.

The difference of working for yourself, rather than somebody else, is that you keep the rewards of your efforts. The harder you work, the greater are the rewards you can expect.

Building your business to the level you want to build it to is all up to you. Whatever your needs and requirements are, they can be achieved with a lot of hard work and a great deal of effort. You will have the full support and commitment of the nicenstripy team to give you help and advice every step of the way.

In every existing franchise territory competitors, both independent and franchised, have set-up their business but few have remained in business after three years! The reliability of nicenstripy is managed through the nicenstripy mobile computerised systems, which our competitors have found very difficult to match, but that reliability is the reason why 84% of nicenstripy customers choose nicenstripy above our competitors. The other percentage of customers select nicenstripy because our standards of workmanship are often higher than our competitors!

In summary, you can basically earn as much as you need to, once you have established your business within the area. The first year running your own business is tough and you need to be committed to become successful, but the rewards can be as high as you need once established. The greatest reward for most nicenstripy franchisees is obtaining the work/life balance that each had sort for many years before joining the nicenstripy family.

We provide an exclusive area of 100,000 houses, as part of your franchise.

Exclusive Franchised Area – Minimum 100,000 houses

No Ongoing Fees Payable for First 3 Months

Intensive Initial 4 weeks training period

Personal Mentor with daily contact and physical support first 90 days and more

Centralised Purchasing with all the discounts passed directly to you

Professional Ongoing Training

Professional Qualifications

Automated Price Calculator ensures easier pricing work - profitably!

Great Brand Name

Simply call us today on 0800 014 2420 to find out how you can become a 'nicenstripy' franchisee!

Current opportunities at nicenstripy gardening franchise

Our aim and goals at nicenstripy is to have a network of ‘successful’ franchisees.

to-date we have been privileged enough to believe we have been able to achieve that aim. Do we always do everything correctly? The answer is no, because we are continuously attempting to improve and trying out new ideas and concepts, some of which are unsuccessful. How does what we try effect your income potential? The answer is simple, as over the 20 odd years that we have been trading we have continuously made adjustments and improvements in every aspect of our service.

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