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Our training is
second to none!

In depth training is carried out
in how to run a business and of course
how to cut grass to the highest quality.

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Our induction course is
where it all starts.

Our Induction Course is where the training starts in nicenstripy. Training in every aspect of running a successful nicenstripy Business Format Franchise . . . successfully!

In-depth training is carried out in how to run a business . . . any business, how to service machinery . . . how to obtain new business . . . how to carry out local promotions . . . and how to cut a lawn to the highest quality in the fastest time within the industry!

From the difference between Profit and Cash-flow, how to manage the cash in your business, projecting potential income and expenditure, budgeting for the unknown. All the financial aspects of running a nicenstripy gardening business are not only covered, but expanded until you totally understand.

The methods used to secure new business are systemised so once you understand the system is easy to carry out. There is no door to door selling involved and certainly not a hard sell as you will be following up enquiries, where potential customers have asked you to visit to provide a quotation.

During your Induction Course you will be provided with a local promotional plan, for your area, which is detailed to a week by week basis for the whole of your first year. The benefit of the promotional plan is that when you become too busy you simply stop following the plan for that period. Once you have gotten on top of your workload again you simply pick up your plan and commence the activity again.

Health & Safety is an important aspect within the gardening industry and all the relevant information and training is covered during the course. Safety checks required before you attempt to start machinery, how to start various pieces of equipment and as importantly how to use each piece of equipment correctly! Servicing schedules and requirements are discussed and carried out practically.

Industry recognised qualifications are obtained in the Spraying Courses you attend during the Induction Course. PA1 & PA6 qualifications allow the use of chemicals commercially and are important qualifications to obtain with nicenstripy.

Depending on your past experience you may require more or less time spent on each and any of these subjects. That is not an issue during the Induction Course. Either you can ask for additional learning time or we will provide if we feel you have not grasped a subject correctly.

The nicenstripy franchisees were busy last year. Did you know?

Last year nicenstripy...

- walked 530 miles each day cutting grass

- laid 66,000 square metres of turf

- cut 294 miles of hedge

- erected 85 miles of fencing and painted even more

- cleared 28 miles of geuttering

- cleaned 39,600 square metres of patio

- recycled 6,500 tons of green waste

- helped over 500,000 satisfied cutsomers

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But it doesn’t stop there!

The nicenstripy Training programs continue throughout your time in nicenstripy. nicenstripy Franchisees tend to be drawn toward particular aspects of the wide variety of nicenstripy services and can and do attend specialist in-depth courses, often where industry recognised qualifications are obtained, to enhance their ability or knowledge to provide specific services for their customers.

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