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Once you have decided that a nicenstripy business format franchise is potentially right for you, you will want to know more!

The first stage is to meet with us. We generally have a pleasant meeting where neither you or we are under any stress and you can ask whatever questions you like and we will answer those questions as honestly and completely as possible. We will also ask you a number of questions in our evaluation of you as a potential nicenstripy franchisee.

At that initial meeting we will be able to show you some financials that show how existing nicenstripy franchisees perform, explain some of the processes including the bespoke niceneasy Office system and provide an idea of your likely fully protected territory.

We understand that it is a big leap to leave your securely paid job with that regular pay cheque each month and going into business for yourself is quite likely to be different. At nicenstripy we all took that leap some years ago and our lives have changed considerably . . . for the better! Did we work hard in the first year of our businesses? Yes we sure did. Did we ever in that first year wonder if we had made the correct decision? Yes there were days, a few of them, but we put in a little more effort and got through them! When we started our businesses was there the help and support that is available today? Certainly not, which is why we can be quite confident that anybody joining the low cost nicenstripy business format franchise today will be nothing but successful.

You can expect to recover your initial investment within the first year and some have achieved it within eight months. To do so, however, requires your total commitment in the first twelve months of setting up your new franchised business.

Do you need experience? Ideally you have no experience in the gardening business and therefore have no bad habits! We will teach you every aspect of the business. From administration to niceneasy Office, from pricing work correctly (and profitably) to using the correct lawn feed at the correct time of year, from how to handle the equipment safely (complying with Health & Safety policies) to cutting a lawn faster and to a higher standard than anybody in the industry.

The big difference today is that everybody within the business understands the problems you are likely to encounter and have found a way to resolve them. The advice you receive is second to none, but not ‘Head Office employee’ but from fellow business people who have the ‘hands on’ experience of running their own nicenstripy businesses. Nobody in the franchise industry has the ability to provide such current ongoing support to new individuals joining the nicenstripy family.

Simply complete the franchise request form and await a telephone call. Meet with us (please bring your spouse as we find two heads are better than one) but make a list of your questions before coming and write down our answers! From there is simply a question of arranging another meeting or paying your deposit to reserve your area.

The nicenstripy franchisees were busy last year. Did you know?

Last year nicenstripy...

- walked 530 miles each day cutting grass

- laid 66,000 square metres of turf

- cut 294 miles of hedge

- erected 85 miles of fencing and painted even more

- cleared 28 miles of geuttering

- cleaned 39,600 square metres of patio

- recycled 6,500 tons of green waste

- helped over 500,000 satisfied cutsomers

Simply call us today on 0800 014 2420 to find out how you can become a 'nicenstripy' franchisee!

nicenstripy gardening franchise locations

None of our existing franchise owners have a horticultural background.

All have learnt the process during their Induction Course and many have 10 years plus experience within nicenstripy. Indeed, 11 of our franchisees resigned their franchise agreements setting a new unpresendated record within the franchise industry in the UK, to carry on trading under the nicenstripy umbrella, so confident were they in the support they receive from nicenstripy.

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Last year we generated over 500 leads for our franchises We are constantly looking for the right individuals who are considering a career with us. Get in contact with our team to find out a little more about our opportunities!


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