More than just cutting grass

A day in the life of Jane Tinsley our South East franchisee.

A not so good day for Jane...6.00am on a Friday morning and in the office already. The perils of running your own business! Yesterday it poured down so we had to call off all routes, after all who in their right mind wants you to cut their grass in a thunder storm.

Now I have two busy days work to fit into one.. the answer phone is flashing Mrs Power has left a message (she is one of the larger lawns to cut today, I listen hoping she’s not asking us to do any extras, oh lovely Mrs Power she has gone away for the weekend and asks that we cut her next week instead of today – thank you.

That’s got me off to a great start, 6.30am and there are cars outside, the lads have come in early to get the work done, I take back all the nasty things I’ve ever called them. . . well, not all!

Worksheets sorted a busy day ahead, we head for our first job, knock it out and move on. By lunchtime I’m ready for a cup of tea, I ring the lads and we meet up for a half hour break. Spirits are high and everyone wants to get cracking. The day has flown by its 4.00 pm and we only have six more jobs to do, head down let’s get on. Final job and we all meet up, should take us about 30minutes if all we go for it, feeling very tried, then out of the blue Mr. Moore comes out with a tray of tea and biscuits, we finish the job and slump into the van.

Back at the yard by 6.00 pm we discuss our day, everyone helped each other to get on and knock the work out, it was hard but we did it. “Well”, I say,” if we can do two days work in one we obviously need to add a few more jobs to these schedules”, I will not repeat the reply! As I said, the perils of running your own business, but when the going gets tough we all work together and get on with it. The lads all know I don’t want to disappoint customers and they are just as fond of them all as I am, they may need their lawns cut because of a special occasion or bar-b-que over the weekend. It is so satisfying at the end of the week to know you are up to date with all your work, to know that most of your customers appreciate your services and to know that your employees are willing to go that little bit further if and when you need them to. To all my staff I thank you.

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