Starting a lawn care business

Starting a lawn care business?

The majority of individuals who set up a new lawn care business already have some industry qualifications and product knowledge. They are/have been working for a company full time and see how much they earn the company every day against how much they themselves get paid for doing a days work.

20% of new small business start-ups fail within their first year! That figure increase to around 50% within a 5 year period. Within the gardening industry, that is probably an under estimate of the true percentage of businesses that close or cease trading within those time frames.

Most people who start their own lawn care business have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the industry but very little or no business experience. Should you for example become a Sole Trader or a Limited Company? What is the best software to use to book in appointments? Who should you use to complete your accounts? How to prepare a Business Plan? The list goes on and on.

Our advice to anybody considering starting up their own business is DON’T DO IT! The risks are simply too high to attempt to establish your own business in today’s market place. Yes you may succeed, but there is a considerably greater chance you will fail over 10 years.

If you want to be your own boss and enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss, then find a suitable franchisor who will enable you to be your own boss. If you are going to be successful, the relatively small cost of being part of a business format franchise is much lower than going it alone. If you are deemed to fail, there is every chance the franchisor will provide all the support you need to prevent your failure.

Possible more importantly, if you are going to be successful it is quite likely that you will become more successful, and at a much faster rate with a reputable business format franchise opportunity than trying to go alone.

There are a huge number of Lawn Care franchises available in the UK and you should research each one in turn to decide which you ideally would like to join. Alternatively, perhaps you should consider a gardening franchise opportunity like nicenstripy. The range of services that nicenstripy offer include all aspects of Lawn Care and more than 80% of their customer use nicenstripy to carry out Lawn Care programs.

Perhaps the biggest difference with the nicenstripy Business Format Franchise is that we have a wide range of gardening services on offer for potential customers to choose from. Therefore, the number of enquiries nicenstripy receive overall will be considerably higher than a basic Lawn Care business. The opportunity to build your business, therefore, is considerably safer as you receive a higher rate of enquiries.

You will of course also be able to learn new skills and achieve more Industry recognised qualifications. nicenstripy, encourages both franchisees and their staff to attend courses, gain qualifications and generally improve the standard of their workmanship.

So, if you do intend to start up your own Lawn Care business, we wish you every success. But please look into the vast opportunities offered by a franchisor in the gardening industry before committing your future to working alone, without the support of a franchise network.

Why not give nicenstripy a call before you make your final decision? Give Tony a ring on 07894 701 964 or email him at now!

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