Want to take the winter off work?

Want to take the winter off work?

Many of our existing franchisees take most of winter off work because that is what they want to do. Other work for 50 weeks a year closing down their business for two weeks over the Christmas period, most years!

However YOU decide to run your nicenstripy business, after the first year, is entirely up to you. You see nicenstripy have a work – lifestyle balance and encourage their franchisees to attain the goal they seek in both work and lifestyle.

Some of our franchisees seek to take as many holidays as they can afford and visit places in the world they had never visited before. Many aim to take a minimum of 8 weeks holiday each year and some even 12 weeks.

If you do not wish to work during the winter period that is your choice and you will be supported by the nicenstripy Franchisor to take that choice providing you can afford to do so. Your nicenstripy Franchisor will also assist you in reaching your goal is as short a time as possible.

You will need to work hard in your first year and please do not expect to reach your goals in the first year, as you will be building your business in the first year. Can you obtain your goals in your second year . . . it is possible depending on how hard you worked in your first year!

Providing you fulfil your commitments to providing excellent customer care, workmanship and reliability all your aims and goals can be achieved with the nicenstripy Business Format Gardening Franchise opportunity.

Trading for in excess of 20 years nicenstripy provides you with a real opportunity of reaching all you goals whilst being your own boss and running your own business. Whatever your personal goals are, there is already a nicenstripy who has similar goals and achieved them already.

If you think you may enjoy working in the fresh air every day but have no knowledge of gardening whatsoever do not worry. The nicenstripy training courses, of which there are numerous, will cover every aspect of the services provided in detail, often obtaining Industry recognised qualifications.

Can you make enough money to take winter off? There answer to that question is very open as most of us have differing overheads to be covered each month before you can consider taking time off. Having said that, at nicenstripy we believe that where there is a will there is a way. All we can say is that from the experience of all the existing nicenstripy franchisees anything is achievable and if you want winter off, after the first year in business for yourself, there is a very high chance you will be able too!

If you want to build an extension to your house, there is every chance you will be able to do so, if that’s what you plan to do. It’s all about planning your activity to enable you to reach your goals. Planning is where your nicenstripy Franchisors assists you to achieve your goals.

But as a member of the nicenstripy family, shared experiences and successes are a valuable part of the franchise system and regular meetings are held during the course of the year where discussions take place to enable everybody in the family to achieve their own goals. If that means how to be able to take winter off work, there are a number of existing franchisees that will share with you how they achieved their goal in taking every winter off!

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