Why our franchise is better than Jim's Mowing

Why is OUR franchise better than Jim’s Mowing?

The answer is quite simple . . . you just keep more of the money you make!

nicenstripy was the first UK gardening franchise to be launched in 2000 in the UK, now with over 20 years’ experience of the UK marketplace and 17 years’ experience of franchising in the UK nicenstripy has become the number one gardening franchise.

The fixed monthly fees you to contribute to nicenstripy are considerably lower than any of our competitors because, we do not have Regional Franchisors and a head office to contribute your fees between.

The other major difference is that all your contributions are spent back on you as we do not look to take out of your contributions any monies for a Regional manager or Head Office staff.

Overall, whilst the amount you contribute to nicenstripy is less than other gardening franchise companies the actual amount spent for the benefit of franchisees is in practice higher than that of our competitors.

Whilst other gardening franchise offerings provide you with a discount for equipment nicenstripy negotiate strongly with their suppliers and obtain discounts that at least match our competitors and exceed most. The big difference is the whole of the discount negotiated is passed direct to you as a franchisee.

Do we have a prestigious Head Office? The answer is NO, but we don’t need to have a prestigious Head Office! Do we have a huge team of highly paid support people? Again the answer is No, but the support nicenstripy franchisees receive, once they join the family, is unsurpassed by any other franchising company. Do we have regular training and meetings? The answer is an emphatic YES, franchisees attend regular meetings and a minimum of one training course each year and often more!

When joining the nicenstripy gardening franchise as a franchisee, you become a new member of the nicenstripy ‘family’. As such you are warmly welcomed into the nicenstripy family and every franchisee will happily share experiences, tips and assist in overcoming every situation that you will likely encounter. Sometimes, just a shoulder to cry on is all you need but nicenstripy franchisees give so much more, including loaning you a spare mower whenever you need one!

If your still not convinced that nicenstripy is better than Jim’s, then have a chat with Tony. He will not ‘sell’ the nicenstripy franchise to you, but will provide you with all the information you need to be able to make your own judgement.

Call Tony on 07894 701 964 or email a.merrick@nicenstripy.com for more information.

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